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relationship based dog training

training services

All of our dog training services are provided by Adam Bush, Certified Master K9 Trainer. Adam has 23 years of experience in the industry and is ready to serve all of your dog training needs. 


We can begin our training relationships with a consultation. During the consult, you will meet with Adam to discuss your goals and needs while Adam presents a plan on how to obtain them.

private lessons

Train one on one with Adam to achieve any goals that you may have. Lessons can be held in your home, at a park, or location of your choosing. Individual lessons and packages are available.

stay and learn

This is our most popular program where your dog stays with Adam and is trained throughout the day, day after day. When training is done,  he shows you how to connect with your newly trained dog.

puppy raising

Are you ready for a new puppy....but not ready for all a puppy requires? We can raise and train a puppy for you in our loving home. When we are done you get a 5 month old trained dog to enjoy.

Need Help now?


You and your dog deserve an efficient training plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Connect today with our friendly, veterinarian-recommended, Certified Master Trainer, and get started with a balanced training program that yields an obedient dog and lasting results. We cannot wait to connect with you!