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Adam Bush, CMT

At Defined Obedience Dog Training, you will work directly with Master K9 Trainer, Adam Bush. His style creates a calm, confident, and engaging dog that is balanced and reliable. Adam’s approach goes beyond teaching your dog to follow a few commands. The greater goal is for your dog to learn a decision making process and to develop self-control. As a result, you will have a dog that focuses on you, engages with you, and trusts you as a fair and competent leader.

In addition to being a dog trainer, Adam has been in the animal care industry for over 27 years now. After a long career as a veterinary technician where he served in small animal medicine, specialty surgery and equine referral medicine, he felt led to pursue a niche where he could make more of a difference. At the prestigious Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers, he spent 10 months training dogs 16 hours a day to obtain his Certified Professional and Master Trainer credentials, graduating in the top of his class in 2008.

Upon graduation, Adam launched Defined Obedience Dog Training back home in Raleigh, North Carolina. Designed, built and maintained 100% in-house and debt free, Defined Obedience serves the community with innovative dog training via in-home private lessons and stay & learn training (where client’s dogs live with Adam for a couple of weeks). In a little over a year Defined Obedience became a national brand as Adam found himself training dogs as far west as San Diego and as far east as New York city.


Adam is blessed to be married to his best friend Dr. Janice Bush (a Veterinarian) and to be father to little Ada June. Precocious Ada keeps her parents busy and is such a joy to watch develop. From her song writing and witty humor to her strength in academics and creativity, Adam and Janice do all they can to support and encourage this little world changer. When not renovating the house or taking in life’s little moments, Adam builds a few guitars and is looking forward to restoring an older F150 in a few years side by side with Ada for her first car.