The great crate

What can the crate be for your dog? What do we want the crate to be for your dog? We want your dog’s perception of the crate to be great. A place where nothing bad ever happens. A place where your dog is calm, comfortable, and content. A place that is a provision source while being free of environmental competition, distraction and pressure.

Think of using the crate proactively instead of reactively. Crate your dog before he or she can make a mistake instead of emotionally and reactively crating them after a mistake is made. Try making the crate be where your dog eats every meal (with the crate door closed). For a week, every time you put your puppy into the crate, have 3-5 pieces of food in the crate waiting for your puppy to discover. Close the crate door as your puppy is eating the food. Every time you take your puppy out of the crate, open the door calmly, leash your puppy, and take him or her straight outside to the designated potty area. Try this for a week and you will find that you have a more content dog overall.

Adam Bush, CMT

Adam Bush is a Certified Master K9 Trainer with 23 years of experience.

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