We got the same size soul

“People are people man. We’re no greater than each other. We got the same size soul and we’re trying to feel happy and we’re trying to feel loved. It’s as simple as that. And some people think if they can put somebody else down they feel a little more…..their ego comforts them.” James Hetfield

I think what James is saying is that hurting people hurt people. Nobody is better than anyone else, but that we should always strive to treat each other the way we would like to be treated. And if someone is criticizing you, tearing you down, or slandering you, it is more a reflection of what is hurting inside of them. They are so insecure, vulnerable or threatened by you that they need their ego to comfort them.

So it is human to feel hurt when someone puts you down, but only you can protect your soul and let it shine for others. Guard your soul and do not be afraid to share your soul at the same time.

Live blessed, Adam

Adam Bush, CMT

Adam Bush is a Certified Master K9 Trainer with 23 years of experience.

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