We got the same size soul

"People are people man. We're no greater than each other. We got the same size soul and we're trying to feel happy and we're trying to feel loved. It's as simple as that. And some people think if they can put somebody else down they feel a little more.....their ego comforts them." James Hetfield I think what James is saying is that hurting people hurt people. Nobody is better than anyone else, but that we should always strive to treat each other the way we would like to be treated. And if someone is criticizing you, tearing you…

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Se-ren-i-ty noun : the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled Can you imagine having a quiet place to go to where nothing bad ever happens, provisions are always available, and no one comes to bother you? Most of us call that a vacation at a nice resort with room service. Well, when done the right way that is what your dog’s crate can become. Dogs are hard-wired to want a den. They need a cozy, safe place away from the commotion and stimulation of their environment. Here is a short list of ways to improve your dog’s…

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You calm my pain

So this not so much a dog training moment in time, but a moment in time I wanted to share just the same. Yesterday my daughter (who is six), was strumming away on her little Martin guitar and kept singing a line repeatedly. It was "My heart has had to suffer through all this pain. But when I think of you, you calm the pain" After she cycled through it 4-5 times I asked where she heard it. At church or the radio (because the kid has a great memory for lyrics and scripture) and she just shrugged…

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In the meantime

The chorus to a new song So in the meantime, I’ll keep standing strong In the meantime, I’ll keep pressing on The one thing that I know, I can’t do it on my own In your hands Lord, I’ll never be alone So in the meantime….in the meantime      

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The great crate

What can the crate be for your dog? What do we want the crate to be for your dog? We want your dog’s perception of the crate to be great. A place where nothing bad ever happens. A place where your dog is calm, comfortable, and content. A place that is a provision source while being free of environmental competition, distraction and pressure. Think of using the crate proactively instead of reactively. Crate your dog before he or she can make a mistake instead of emotionally and reactively crating them after a mistake is made. Try making the…

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Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to our newly refreshed website! Our old dog-training site was long in the tooth and quite limited. With this new site, we are setting it to be much more interactive and educational. Almost a hangout spot if you will. If there is content that you want to see, please let us know. The same with questions, praise reports, ideas, favorite quotes, scripture, lyrics, phots, and videos. Please feel free to share all things dog training and we will make it part of the new Defined Obedience. Dog training, puppy training, and serving our community are things that…

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