Our mission is to Build Relationships One Well Trained Dog at a Time. Therefore, we can begin our relationship with an in-person dog training consultation to address all of the questions and concerns that you may have with your dog. 

Adam will meet with you in your home and will listen to all  your needs, goals and frustrations. While assessing your dog’s temperament, drives, and aptitude he will discuss dog training philosophy.  Putting all of that together, he will make training recommendations based on his observations with a plan of exercises and  forecasted timeline with costs explained to you. 

New puppy Questions?

Did you just get a new puppy or are you planning on one? We can meet for a Puppy Consultation and get you all set up with a custom puppy raising plan. We will cover crate training, potty training, imprinting early obedience and all the concerns that come with a new puppy. Getting a plan in place helps prevent the common puppy pitfalls that lead to house soiling, aggression and anxiety. 

Adult dog problems

Do you have a dog that you love, but do not necessarily like at the moment? Are you frustrated and just do not know where to start, or even more frustrated as you have tried everything? Let us get you and your four legged companion pointed in the right direction. 

Have you just become the new forever home to an adult to senior dog? 

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