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Group Class Testimonials:

Six week Group Obedience Class


​- Next class begins Monday July 13th -


The goals of the class are attentive loose leash walking, sit-stays, down-stays and coming quickly when called.  The exercises when mastered leave you well prepared for the Canine Good Citizen test. To insure quality instruction and room to train, class sizes are kept at 5-7 dogs per class. Dogs 20 weeks of age and older are welcome to enroll. 

We start by dedicating week one solely to you, your dog's new in-home trainer. By leaving your dog at home the first night, you can listen as Adam discusses dog training theory, class flow and goals. He will then demonstrate your first week of homework with a demo dog. You will leave with a personalized training syllabus detailing the exercises that will be covered in the coming weeks. 

The following five weeks will be live instruction in the arena. Adam is always mic'd up so you can hear instruction throughout the class. But more than just instruction over a PA, Adam will personally train your dog. 

That is what we like to call our group class at the Ranch. Our interactive group class is designed to train your dog as part of a group, but with the opportunity for you and your dog to receive personal instruction from Adam. This six week class is held in the large training arena so we can train rain or shine.

"A private lesson among friends"

Group Obedience Classes

Excellent Instructor 

Adam is an excellent instructor and works with clients individually even though it is a group class. He is knowledgeable, patient and wonderful with the animal. I will confidently recommend him to anyone who is near the ranch if they are looking to enroll their dog(s) in obedience class. In addition to the learning factor, everyone in the class, including the dogs, had a lot of fun also. 

Great service for a great price! 

I really enjoyed this class. Adam was great with Remington. He was patient and very observant of Remington's needs and he was very helpful in teaching me how to interact with Remington so that I could get the best results. I would love to take a similar class or an advanced training class. It was a great experience for me and Remington and I will definitely look for future classes to sign up for. Adam was a great instructor.