It has been scientifically proven that dogs link cause and effect in a 1.3 second snapshot of time. This means we only have 1.3 seconds to acknowledge a good behavior that we want repeated in the future or acknowledge a bad behavior that we don't want repeated. Since we can't always be within 1.3 seconds of our dogs, we use verbal markers to capture these teaching moments. This helps a dog make the connection and it buys us time to respond with balanced motivation.

Our positive marker is Yes and our positive bridge is good. Our negative marker and negative bridge is No.

serVing you since  2008


Dogs are wired to need the world to be Black & White. When there are gray areas in a dog's life you will certainly see an increase in anxiety, aggression and reliability problems. So the key to being a solid leader for your dog is being consistent. Having clearly defined expectations, rules and structure helps your dog thrive. When your dog responds reliably to the definition of what you say as opposed to reacting to how you say it, your relationship with your dog will greatly improve. When you are consistent, your dog rewards you with trust, engagement and respect. 

Our Training Philosophy


Balanced motivation is our way of influencing a dog's decision making process. A product of good decision making is a dog with increased self-control. Positive motivation is the reward phase where a dog receives something of value upon completion of a desired behavior, (a paycheck for you and I). Negative motivation is the consequence phase where the dog receives a leash-collar correction for a previously defined undesired behavior, (a speeding ticket for you and I). Being able to take advantage of teaching moments by offering incentive will help you influence your dog's decision making and therefore behaviors.