Private Lessons

Private Dog Training Lessons with Adam are great because each one is custom tailored to you. We can meet at your home, a park, or public place that best suits your needs. Dog training is successful when we work at your pace. So we will teach you exercise and give you lesson plans to follow.  Follow up lessons can be booked as you need them. We will not force you to commit to a set time each week. Lessons are offered individually and at your pace.

During your private lesson, Adam will begin by training your dog right in front of you. This is so he can jump-start the exercise with your dog and teach you all of the steps to the exercise. Dog training is dependent upon repetition at times. A good rule of thumb is to plan to practice with your dog for three to five minutes, three to five times a day. You will receive typed out training guides to refer to as a guide line after your dog training lesson with Adam.

Some topics that we can cover in a lesson

Puppy Training


Dog Obedience Training


Separation Anxiety


Sit Stay / Down Stay

Potty Training

Coming When Called

Climb/Place Training

On/Off Leash Walking

Crate Training

Agility Training

Formal Retrieves

Therapy Dog

Service Dog

Personal Protection

K9 Nose Work