Intimidated by thoughts of raising a puppy?

Over the years we have raised puppies for clients from California to New York and many places in-between. In our Puppy Builders program we can use temperament testing and litter evaluation to select the right puppy for you and your family needs. We then raise your puppy in our home with our two cats and our eager young apprentice. Taking advantage of the imprinting window and our balanced training approach, we will raise, socialize and train your dream dog. Often these pups are ready for our personal delivery to their forever homes around 22 weeks of age. 

Project Dolly

Litter selection day "Tan Collar"
"Dolly" Leaving the breeder
Apprentice bonding
Ever feel like you are being watched?
All pups need a good bone
and lots of naps
Eager to get started
Meeting new friends
Park and playground exposure
Always focused
Cape fear river banks
Retrieval practice
Out of gas
Beach trip!!!
Climb benches can go anywhere
Walking with our apprentice
One of many many field trips
Dolly Graduated!!!
Ready to drive to Illinois
Trucking along
Road food for the road warriors
Hotel stop on travel day
Familiarity in Illinois
Move in day a success
A lonely drive home

Reach out to us if you are interested in having a puppy selected, raised and trained for you. Spots are very limited as we put everything into these projects for months at a time.