You calm my pain

So this not so much a dog training moment in time, but a moment in time I wanted to share just the same. Yesterday my daughter (who is six), was strumming away on her little Martin guitar and kept singing a line repeatedly. It was "My heart has had to suffer through all this pain. But when I think of you, you calm the pain" After she cycled through it 4-5 times I asked where she heard it. At church or the radio (because the kid has a great memory for lyrics and scripture) and she just shrugged…

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Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to our newly refreshed website! Our old dog-training site was long in the tooth and quite limited. With this new site, we are setting it to be much more interactive and educational. Almost a hangout spot if you will. If there is content that you want to see, please let us know. The same with questions, praise reports, ideas, favorite quotes, scripture, lyrics, phots, and videos. Please feel free to share all things dog training and we will make it part of the new Defined Obedience. Dog training, puppy training, and serving our community are things that…

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