What clients say about us

We would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking for a dog trainer. We have noticed a huge difference in our pup in a short time. Adam is knowledgeable, friendly and great about answering questions quickly so you can keep moving forward.

Erin - Holly Springs, NC

You won’t find a better trainer. Adam trained our Labrador for three months, straight from the litter. We had great communication along the way, and Adam made sure we were prepared for every step including veterinary care. Adam’s training is amazing! If you have ever had a Labrador, you know how the first few puppy years can be crazy. Our little guy came to us with the sweetness and playfulness of a puppy, but with the behavior and temperament of an adult dog. I can’t say enough good things about our experience, and recommend Adam to anyone looking for a top notch trainer. 

Dave - Bolingbrook, Ill

I got my boy Chance when he was 3 months old. Five months and 76 pounds later he was out of control on and off the leash and I was a distressed dog owner. I have tried other training alternatives  but Chance and I were not successful.
Then I discovered Adam Bush and after my first visit I knew I had finally found the right trainer for me and my fur baby. Chance is high energy, stubborn and strong. Adam showed me and Chance that a balanced training was a win/win. Chance began to make good choices and behaving on leash as well as throughout the house!
Adam would give me homework to work on with Chance between sessions that I didn’t have to schedule until we were ready for the next step in our training. This fits my schedule and my budget. Chance and I are nearly unrecognizable navigating our way around our neighborhood and he even accompanies me to visit schools acting as a therapy dog! 
Thank you Adam Bush for helping Chance and I to become better together!

Ana - Clayton, NC

We brought our two boys, Walker and Ralphie, to Adam for Stay and Learn training for 2 weeks. I miss them a lot but man was it worth it! They are so much calmer and obedient now. They have continued their training well at home. We have already been by guests at how well behaved they are! Last night they stayed on their PetCot the entire time we ate dinner, despite the temptation of a 3 year old and 1 year old dropping food. Adam is an amazing trainer and I have already recommended him to many friends. 

Danielle - Raleigh, NC

Bless you Adam! This message is for anyone who is looking for a great trainer and or advice on improving the quality of YOUR dog or YOUR life. I have used several trainers throughout my life for my dogs and I must say, I am blessed to have come by Adam. He has a simple way of teaching that you and your dog will pick up immediately. Your dog will understand rewarding for good behavior and you will understand how a dog thinks and why Adam’s techniques work. You and your dog working together to create a harmonious life together is what I got out of this experience.

Debbi - Raleigh, NC

When we were looking for a trainer, I interviewed many trainers until I came to meet Adam. We trained my Rottweiler and we became a Pet Therapy Team and visited Wake Med in Cary. Because Adam encouraged me to do Pet Therapy we accomplished 100 hours in 3 years. I was amazed by his training, he was so natural. Adam is very passionate about the dogs and the owner.

Susy - Raleigh, NC

I have called Adam “our dog whisperer” ever since we met him 7 years ago! I refer everyone I encounter to Adam when they mention a dog-training need! We have had the great pleasure of meeting him when we needed help with our defensive german shepherd, Bailey. Adam’s guidance and expertise was truly miraculous for our family. Bailey now has successful vet visits (which were SO stressful for me before!), daily walks (Others often comment “what an obedient dog you have!” when they see us on walks as Bailey walks by my side and automatically sits when I stop on our walk!), and boarding visits when she comes home HAPPY instead of depressed because Adam has engaged her and “refreshed” her training while we were gone! I take such comfort while on vacation knowing Bailey is in such good hands. If you have a dog, whether you have an issue, or just need basic training, Adam can help you! Training through Defined Obedience with Adam was the best money we have ever spent!

Jennifer - Raleigh, NC

Adam is an amazing dog trainer! The title “master trainer” describes him perfectly. He is efficient, gentle and caring with my dog, and gets wonderful results. All the staff that I have dealt with have been very friendly and helpful. I could not be more pleased.

Teddy - Apex, NC

Adam really takes the time to get to know both dog and owner and tailors the training to each dog. He is always available to answer questions, demonstrate technique, or help with a problem you may be having. Highly recommend

Morgan - Raleigh, NC

Adam has done an amazing job with our sometimes willful Bouvier puppy, Sophie. At 5 months old she is doing sit, down, place on the mat, and walking on the leash! Consistently he can do more with her in a few minutes than we can do on our own in a few hours, and he has been able to teach us how to continue to get his results. This is the best dog training experience we have ever had out of all of our 5 dogs.

Stan - Clayton, NC

Not only was Adam great with his interaction with Misty, but was more them patient with me while he taught me how to interact with Misty.

Raleigh, NC

Adam is a great person and trainer, he helped me through a lot with my Schutzhund trained dogs. Very knowledgeable and very helpful!

Janae - Oregon

My Boone was in training yesterday with Adam. OMG, Adam is AWESOME! FANTASTIC! THE BEST! Boone has just begun, and so we have to learn loose leash training. We saw a completely different dog last night in our Boone. We are dedicated to continue what Adam taught us and Boone. WE ARE SO THRILLED! AND SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND ADAM!

Lori - Raleigh, NC

Adam trained our Great Pyrenees Belle. He’s amazing with the dogs and handlers.

Bev - Garner, NC

With Adam’s leadership, guidance, and knowledge we have corrected problem behaviors and taught commands, which have made our dogs into well mannered, trusted family pets! Thanks, Adam and Defined Obedience

Jennifer - Raleigh, NC

I’ve been training dogs for over 30 years as an obedience competition trainer to Search and Rescue and police dog handler/trainer and I am pleased to recommend Adam. Whatever your training needs, Adam is one of the best I’ve worked 

Diane - Holly Springs, NC

Adam – I just want to thank you for taking the time and patience to work with Oliver. He is now home in New Hampshire. He and Matt are both happy and doing well. This not only helped Oliver, but my entire family. Thank you also for the consideration you took when you billed me. I appreciated all that you did. I have recommended you to several people and I will continue to do so. 

Jackie - NC

Adam was great with Remington. He was patient and very observant of Remington’s needs and he was very helpful in teaching me how to interact with Remington so that I could get the best results. It was a great experience for me and Remington and I will definitely look for future classes to sign up for. Adam was a great instructor. 

Amy - Clayton, NC

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