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Bless you Adam!

This message is for anyone who is looking for a great trainer and or advice on improving the quality of YOUR dog or YOUR life. I have used several trainers throughout my life for my dogs and I must say, I am so blessed to have come by Adam. He has a simple way of teaching that you and your dog will pick up immediately. Your dog will understand rewarding for good behavior and you will understand how a dog thinks and why Adam's techniques work. You and your dog working together to create a harmonious life together is what I got out of this experience. I have just finished classes with my Great Dane and will start classes for my Australian Cattle Dog. I highly recommend Adam for training in group classes or one-on-one and trust him completely to solve and behavior issues you can think of.Debbi via facebook post

Best dog trainer!

Adam was the best trainer we have ever worked with! The ranch was very nice but Adam is the best part for sure. Doug via nearby now

Wonderful! Exceeded my Expectations 

Adam was amazing with Kai. He was great with explaining how to carry over what she learned from training and how to implement this into the home. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who is seeking training. As for the facility, I felt incredibly comfortable with leaving Kai there. This is where I would also board Kai if I had to go out of town. Very Pleased

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I have been thoroughly pleased with the excellence of which our dogs we trained.

We would not take Bella anywhere else!

Prior to coming to Carolina Ranch and meeting with the trainer Adam, our 5 month old German Shepherd puppy was full of energy, high strung, counter surfed, would not come when called, mouthing everything and anyone in sight and was impossible to walk her on a leash. Our family was going on vacation and decided this was the perfect opportunity for Bella to be part of the two-week stay and learn training program. During the two weeks, Adam was available anytime for questions or if we just wanted to check in on her. We are amazed at her progress. Adam helped us to build Bella's confidence and manners through a combination of behavior training and immediate correction of unwanted behavior. With the tools Adam has given us, we can continue her training at home. She is still the fun playful girl but now is more confident, calm, happier and is eager to please. Our family and friends are amazed at how well behaved  she is to be so young. We cannot thank Adam enough for what this has done for Bella and our family. we highly recommend Adam and the Ranch.

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